Microsoft Office 365 Business

An overview by Kapiti VA

Better and more ‘Corporate’ email and calendar experiences with Office Exchange. Emails remain in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with any device – laptops, tablets, phones etc.

Access documents anywhere with almost any device e.g. Microsoft Word available on the Cloud when editing documents. Auto Sync for offline editing. Share and collaborate documents with others inside and outside your organisation.

No hardware required to store your business data. No failures, no battery backups, no offsite storage arrangements required, no trips to the local IT help shop for help, upgrades and replacements.

Subscription based means monthly expenses instead of depreciable assets. Automatic updates to the latest versions of installed Office applications.

Microsoft Office 365 is available on a free 1-month trial

How it works – Emails, Websites & access to your data

How Kapiti VA can help

Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are available through Internet providers such as Spark and Vodafone as well as Microsoft directly.

While promoted as a “no IT expertise required” solution, there is a lot to know and a steep learning curve to set things up correctly.

Kapiti VA is investing time and effort into knowing the Office 365 landscape to help you with your setup. Getting things going correctly from the beginning should be part of a stress free migration to a fantastic new way of operating.

Kapiti VA can help you before, during and after your move to Office 365 for Business.