Microsoft Office 365

My Husband and I recently began working with a local Kapiti based company to move their business documents and email services onto the Microsoft Office 365 platform. By having their data on the ‘cloud’ they can now access it from anywhere and don’t have to be so worried about backing up the information from their business premises. They can share the same files whether in the office or on a remote site and can continue to use the Office products from Microsoft that they have been used to over the years.

While Microsoft Office 365 does come in personal versions, we’re working with the Business packages which are more designed for, we’ll, small businesses. Office 365 is ‘subscription’ based which means no large outlays and very likely, smaller monthly expenses instead of assets and depreciation for you. It can also mean you automatically stay up to date with the latest Office software from Microsoft every few months instead of having to buy more and install.

Take a look at the information I recently talked about at my Venus Networking meeting and perhaps give me a call to see if we can help out your business. Office 365 is a fantastic new way of working.