Zoho is your business data in the Cloud!

Like Xero has done for accounts, Zoho can do for your other business data.


Zoho comes in two flavours

zohoReady Made applications or packages such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management, Campaign Management, Candidate Tracking, Help Desk. Find out more…

creatorZoho Creator where you define your own program, forms, business rules and storage requirements. Use your existing Excel spreadsheets or Access Databases as the starting point. Within minutes, you can have your own unique business program and data in the cloud. Find out more…


Why the Cloud?

By having some of your business data stored securely online, you can access it anywhere and anytime – client sites, the local coffee shop, stuck in traffic or relaxing on a beach. The data can also be used across your team at the same time – no need for emails, usb memory sticks or sharing delays.


Why Zoho?

As with most things these days, there are lots of choices out there and the research can be tiring. Competing with the CRM part of Zoho, are products like Base CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, all with different offerings and pricing models. While some of these specialist CRM’s may be better than Zoho CRM, this can come at a price and the differences may only be of interest to larger businesses. And with Zoho Creator, Zoho isn’t just a CRM!


So what next? Simply give me a call, we’ll catch-up, discuss your requirements, then I get to work – no fuss! Your data could be in the cloud for a lot less outlay and in a lot less time than you think.

With my help, several of my customers are now using Zoho Creator with custom ‘business rules’ and ‘automation’ to simplify and speedup tasks that used to take forever and were often prone to error.